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xgreek version 2.0

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I have uploaded to CTAN a new version of the xgreek package. This version works with the standard XeLaTeX format file. However, it expects a format built with all three different hyphenation patterns for the Greek language. A XeLaTeX format file should be built with language.dat file that should contain at least the following

american ushyphmax.tex
ancientgreek loadhyph-grc.tex
monogreek loadhyph-el-monoton.tex
greek loadhyph-el-polyton.tex

The various loadhyph-xxxx.tex files can be found at following URL

and the actual hyphenation patterns are available from

To select a language one should use the \setlanguage command. This command takes one argument which the name of a language as specified in the first column of language.dat. Note the greek is not a supported argument. Instead use polygreek. The package includes a new command \atticnum, which transforms its argument (the value of a counter or a number) to the corresponding acrophonic Attic numeral. In the future we plan to make this command to print the date in the Attic calendar, when the ancientgreek is set.

Apostolos Syropoulos

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June 26th, 2008 at 6:30 pm

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