The etaremune package

I was looking for a way to create a numbered list of items but I wanted the the numbering of items to be in reverse order (not 1., 2., 3., … but 3., 2., 1.). I thought that I would need to go deep into LaTeX internals and play with counters in the enumerate environment. However, a quick search revealed not one but two packages that do just that: package etaremune and package revnum.

In the end I settled for package etaremune because of its simplicity when compared to package revnum. If you look carefully, you will seee that etaremune is the reverse of enumerate. And the package does just that.

It creates a numbered list of items where the top item is NOT numbered “1” but takes the last number of the list. Because of this, you need to run LaTeX twice: the first time to find the last item; the second time to set everything properly.

There is an optional choice to set the start item and you declare it with the
\begin{etaremune} command as follows:


Thanks to Hendri Adriaens for his etaremune package and kudos to his sense of
humor (for naming his package as such).

Ioannis Dimakos

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