The Frederika2016 Typeface

Currently, I am working on the digitization of the Fredirika font by Herman Zapf. Originally, the font was supposed to be the Greek counterpart of the Virtuosa font by the same designer, but it never became popular. I have completed the digitization of the Greek monotonic part and now I am working on the polytonic part of it. To the best of my knowledge, there was no polytonic support so I have to improvise. So far I got help from Dimitrios Filippou, Yorgos Mathiopoulos, and Yiannis Kontovos. Here is a sample text typeset with this font.

UPDATE: I have completed also the polytonic part fo the font. And the following text was set with Frederika2016 (that is the official name of the font).

Update: You can get the Frederika2016 font from ther CTAN.

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