Why I do not like luaTeX!

Most people speak with good words about luaTeX. They seem to like things it can do that no other TeX derived systrem can do. Personally, I do not care about these features but yesterday a friend told me that he wanted to write something in Greek with luaLaTeX. And what’s the catch, one may ask. The problem is that luaLaTeX does not load any hyphenation patterns but the default ones. So one needs to load them. In TeX one uses a command like the follolwing one


where \l@monogreek is numerical value assigned to each language contained in the format. This is well documented in the TeXbook. Now despite the fact that I spent a few hours searching for information on how to load specific hyphenation patterns, I could not find anything! Moreover, I could not find any information on how one loads a lua package (i.e., some external lua package that is available in the TeX installation). People know that they can load a LaTeX package with the \usepackage command but I have no information on how to load lua code. Practically, this means that if one is not part of the inner circle of luaTeX developers, then she cannot really know what is really going on. And this is exactly the reason why I do not like luaTeX.

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